Friday, August 1, 2014

New Month, New School Year!

Today I'm sending lots of new school day prayers out! Kenz & Drew were so excited to start at their new school! Nervous, but excited. Kenzie will be wearing her epi pen with her at all times now, since she changes classes now, and with her new glasses too, I know she is worried about all these new things, and meeting new friends. She already loves her homeroom teacher and was bummed we didn't have gifts to take for her new teachers today. We'll be sure to send those for the first week, next week. :) The Naiman's who will be homeschooled this year, showed up at the door shouting 'Happy 1st Day of School!', so that was a supportive beginning. Drew fell on the way out the door, so that was not such a great start. But, they even ran to give us hugs before they loaded on the bus for their bright new start! Super thankful God has blessed us with these two amazing kids!