Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Whew! I'm FINALLY Back!

Wow... the past few months have just gotten completely away from me. SO MUCH to catch up on! The biggest change, and the biggest reason I have been away for so long is... we are having another baby! This pregnancy has thrown me for quite a loop, and I am just getting back to feeling somewhat like 'me' again. So, it's gonna take me a little while to catch back up, but I am determined and ready to get back on track.

Let's go back to right where I left off, in Feburary. (Wow, it really has been too long.) :(
We made a trip up to IL to visit with family and friend's after the holidays.

Bowling, dinner with friends, meeting Hannah, and 'Christmas' with family at Jupiter's 2. I believe the saying goes 'A good time was had by all' :)

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