Monday, June 23, 2014

Closet In Progress, VBS, & Birthday Party, OH MY!

Last week was a whirlwind! I did get the floor laid in the closet, so it is at least functional for now. I'll let my trusty Daddy make the final cuts around the door moldings for me. :) Then we'll get some shelves built to put in, and hopefully I can get it just how I want it!

The kids also had VBS Sunday - Wednesday night. The last 2 nights, they invited some of our new neighbors. Yay for free summer FUN!

Whew - we had a Frozen birthday party to catch up for the kids' birthdays this year, and it was a great time to invite some of the new neighbors over as well. The kids love all our new neighbors and I was busy, busy getting everything planned and ready! I had so much more in store, but with the move and working, this was all I could get accomplished in time, but I think the kids still had fun!

My first attempt at making our own pinata!


The kids had a karaoke table to sing all their Frozen favorites, an activity table to work on or take home mazes and coloring pages, make Elsa & Sven crowns, a nail table for the girls, a snow table to play with real snow, made Olaf t-shirts and hula hoop contests.

It was a perfect day for a party!

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