Monday, February 6, 2012

Menu Plan Monday

I'm going to try and follow the theme of Menu Plan Monday. Though, typically after I get our meals written up, they change thru-out the week. Oh well, it's the planning that at least intends to make the week easier, right? This was last week's finalized meal plan. Did anyone else have chili for the Super Bowl?

This week I'm going to try and continue to focus more on growing the blog and my photography, if time allows me to. Kenzie has a short school week this week for stockpile days, and we have her parent-teacher conference. I may take a little time off of work one day for what we call a 'mental health day'. Saturday is the big Girl Scout cookie delivery day, so let the cookie madness continue begin. I'm still not sure what I was thinking volunteering as our entire service unit coordinator. (Ali, I blame you for telling me it was easy! At least we're in it together. :) Then again, no one else would volunteer, so someone's gotta do it.)

Speaking of Ali and photography - hopefully I can get thru our pics from the park last month, this week and get them posted. For now, here's a little glimpse of Luke at 5 months. Isn't he sweet?

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