Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday, February 13th

Finally sitting down to blog again. The weather has been a bit up and down here lately. We have freezing rain and snow headed for us now. I have to admit, I'm hoping school gets cancelled tomorrow. Would be nice for a lazy day (even though I'll be working) at home. I have been really enjoying the 'little' moments lately.

Last week, there was a day at mid-morning that I looked out to see that a fog had rolled in and all the horses were at the fence. So I grabbed my camera to run out and snuggle a bit and take a few shots. So serene and pretty.

This weekend while I was working on a few things, the kids were coloring and playing. I sneaked a peek into the living room to see they had tuned into a show and were all snuggled up. I had to grab my camera to sneak some pics. :) I'm not sure they'll always adore each other this much, so I'll take it when I can.

Valentine's Day is tomorrow - the kids have been really excited and we've been busy working on their boxes and valentine's for school. After Daddy helped Kenzie with selling cookies at our Girl Scout booth this weekend, they ran an errand and came home with gifts for everyone. Josh never seems to miss a Twilight movie release... he knows the way to my heart! LOL Since he still hasn't seen Breaking Dawn, that will probably be what we do for our Valentine's evening, once the kids are in bed. :)

The movie came with a free fabric poster, that Kenzie begged to have. She knows she can't watch the movies till she's older, but she's already a huge fan of Bella and Edward, and even Jacob.

Drew has been highly anticipating the new special event 'Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Peter Pan Returns' . So his new Peter Pan book was a huge highlight for him!

And, I didn't forget! It's meal-plan Monday!! :)

Hoping everyone stays warm and safe tonight - c'mon Spring!

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